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Who Are We ?

“With 20 years of experience under our belt, we at Stand Dünyası specialize in designing and implementing kiosk and stand services for shopping malls. As a nationally recognized company in our field, we aim to provide our esteemed clients with unique, impressive, and unforgettable stand experiences.

At Stand Dünyası, we leverage our experience and creativity to design the best stands that highlight your brand. Whether it’s a product launch or a service promotion, working with us elevates the value and reputation of your brand to the highest level.

Our priority is your satisfaction. Therefore, we work closely with you at every stage of the project, understand your needs, and deliver the highest quality service to turn your vision into reality. Our stands not only reflect the identity of your brand but also provide visitors with a striking and unforgettable experience.

We understand that a stand is not just a promotional space, but also a tool to express a brand’s values, story, and goals. That’s why we see our stands as the best way to tell the unique story of your brand.

We don’t offer cheap services; because we focus on quality, pay attention to details, and do our job with passion. However, with our competitive pricing, we make our high-quality services affordable for every budget.

With our 18 years of experience and leadership in our field, we at Stand Dünyası eagerly look forward to working with you to take your brand to the top. Contact us and discover how we can create an extraordinary stand experience for you.”

What We Do ?

We serve our customers with a 20-year experience entirely within our own structure from design to production. For 20 years, we have put our signature at every stage, from the design to the installation of hundreds of shopping mall stands, not only in Turkey but also in America, Europe, and Central Asia. We promise, once you work with us, you will give up looking for another solution partner. Especially during the design phase, we inform our customers about every minor revision and every stage of production through groups established on Whatsapp. Especially in the field of shopping mall stands, our company is not only unique in design but also uncompromising in terms of durability. We are well aware that every stand we make is a permanent signature of our brand. Our most trusted advertisers will be our customers to whom we deliver and set up our products without any problems.

How We Do ?

Design service without competition – 100% satisfying design service Yes, you read that right, not “unmatched design”, but “design service”. Because we know that design is a very subjective matter and varies from person to person. However, in our design service with 100% customer satisfaction, we continue the design process until the customer is satisfied with the result. For some customers, this goes up to 8 revisions. But generally, the concept emerges 90% by the third revision. Only 10% of the details and fine details remain. If the customer is not satisfied at the end of the design process, the design fee collected at the beginning is unconditionally refunded. 

How long does the entire process take?
  • The design process begins upon receipt of a 500 Euro deposit and lasts 7-10 days.
  • The manufacturing process lasts 30-45 days, depending on the details of the project.
  • The shipping process varies depending on different criteria. Whether the products are sent by sea, land, or air affects the shipping process. While it takes 20-25 days by sea to America, it takes 3 days by air. To Europe, it takes 7-15 days by land, depending on the congestion at the customs.
What are the average costs ?

The design cost is already determined: 500 Euro or its equivalent in USD. The manufacturing cost can vary greatly depending on the design to be made and the materials to be used.

For example, shopping malls in European Union countries demand that the production is made from non-flammable or fire-resistant materials, which is a factor that significantly increases the prices. To explain with an example, if the fire-resistant product is 3 units, the standard product is 1 unit. Or the prices of products that stand out in terms of design, like Acrylam MDF, are around 2.5 units. The more acrylic or tempered glass is used in your stand, and the more electrical and signage work is involved, the higher the figures will be.

On the other hand, if there are many curved, non-flat sides in the design of the stand, this significantly increases the craftsmanship, which in turn affects the price to the same extent. If painting craftsmanship comes into play, it significantly increases the figures.

With this information, to better understand, we will share the turnkey prices of our recently completed projects on our website. We think this will also be a determining factor for you.

Manufacturing Process

“Overwhelming Data Traffic During Design and Manufacturing Process” Yes, this is one of our company’s red lines gained as a result of our experiences. During the design and manufacturing process, in a group established on WhatsApp, consisting of authorized representatives from both sides (the customer and the manufacturer), there will be hundreds of pictures, videos, and confirmations at the end of the project. Sometimes, putting such small details on the table may seem unnecessary and insignificant to you. But the more we strain during the design process, the easier our manufacturing process becomes. The more we strain during the manufacturing process, the easier the installation and afterward become, which is actually the goal and desire of both sides.

Design Process

Our design process works as follows: If you have already decided on the stand design you want to have made, how nice, we will skip this process and move on to the pricing process. However, if you do not have a design in hand, we will enter a design process that lasts at least one week. The more details and data you can provide us during this process, the shorter it will be. The shortening of the process will also depend on how quickly you respond to our conversations on WhatsApp. Eventually, after major and minor revisions, our design will turn into a detailed PDF project of approximately 15 pages. For this service, we will request 500 Euros from you before starting. If the manufacturing process is confirmed after the pricing stage, this prepaid design fee you have given will be deducted from 50% of the total amount you will give for us to start manufacturing. So in the end, you will actually have received a service that lasts at least one week for free. Unfortunately, this system has been established as a result of malicious attempts to evaluate our designs with other manufacturers.

Overcoming Doubts, Worries, and Insecurity etc...

As we come to the end of the process, your tension about doing cross-continental trade with a firm you don’t know will disappear, because our intensive interaction during the design and manufacturing process actually answers many of the questions that might come to your mind at the beginning. Such as…

  • If we send the design money, will they really design for us? Or am I facing a criminal organization that has been making a living this way for 20 years? 🙂
  • We had the design done, but what if an astronomical price offer comes out? Then the money I paid for the design burns, because we really made the design together and it was just as I wanted.
  • Well, we agreed on everything, but what if they lay on the money after we send the half of payment ? How will I get back the money I lost? Etc. Etc. Etc…..

The concerns above are quite natural in today’s world for someone who wants to do business. At this stage, we have three alternatives to offer you.
1: If you will feel safe, come to Istanbul before the design process, see our business place, be our guest and then carry out the money transfer.
2: If you will feel better, reserve a hotel from Istanbul before the design process and actively participate in the design and manufacturing process for 45 days.
3: Trade also involves some risk. Ask for the contact information of our previous customers in Europe, America and Turkey, get in touch with them, and even see them in person to make your final decision.
Any solution is suitable for us. Because sacrificing the name of our 20-year brand for a job would be like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs for a small gain.”

"Unique Designs with 20 Years of Experience"

Our company is probably among those with the highest number of designs in its field. That’s because we take pleasure and passion in every step, from design to manufacturing and assembly. It’s truly a satisfying feeling to witness the transformation of the designs that sprout in our minds into digital platforms and then come to life. It’s a sense of fulfillment that one wouldn’t trade for many things, similar to watching your own daughter grow up and get married right before your eyes 🙂

"We don't compromise on the quality of materials"

Even if our customers request it, we don’t compromise on the quality of materials. Based on our previous experiences, if we lower the quality of materials below our company standards in order to make more profit or to reduce costs for the customer, we are the ones who suffer losses due to the one-year comprehensive guarantee we provide. Poor quality materials, especially in electrical components, come back to us as a significant expense. That’s why we kindly ask you not to come to us with proposals to use low-quality materials.

"One-Year Full Warranty"

You heard it right, we stand behind our work until the end. After the installation of the stand we have provided, we offer 1 year of unconditional support for any electrical issues and 2 years for all other issues from the date of invoice. Giving such a promise is not easy, especially in international trade, but we perform all kinds of quality control measures before the assembly to prevent such errors. That’s why we do not use low-quality materials that could cause problems later on.


“STANDCHI” is a sub-brand created by the registered trademark “Stand Dunyasi” for international trade in 2005. All rights and the headquarters are owned by the company “Stand Dunyasi” and official documents, invoices, and export documents are issued through the company “Stand Dunyasi” The physical address of the company’s headquarters and manufacturing is also the same as “Stand Dunyasi”

Mall Kiosk – 066

Mall Kiosk - 066

Showcasing Your Products in the Best Way Possible: Use various techniques and strategies to showcase your products in the best possible way. This may involve properly illuminating the products, displaying them from different angles, or highlighting their most attractive features. Additionally, the layout of your booth is important for customers to easily find your products and interact with them. This can lead to higher sales rates and increased customer satisfaction.

Mall Kiosk – 065

Mall Kiosk - 065

Utilizing Interactive Technology: Consider using cutting-edge technology to make your booth more engaging and interactive. Digital displays, touch screens, VR/AR experiences, or interactive kiosks can help customers experience your products and obtain more information. Such technologies can make your booth more appealing and extend customers’ visit durations.

Mall Kiosk – 064

Mall Kiosk - 064

Security of Your Booth: Ensuring the security of your booth provides both customers and your products with a sense of safety. Cameras, alarm systems, and appropriate locking mechanisms are important elements for ensuring the security of your booth. Enhancing the security of your booth helps customers feel comfortable and increases their trust in your booth.

Mall Kiosk – 063

Mall Kiosk - 063

Impressive Lighting: Lighting greatly impacts the overall atmosphere of your booth and how customers perceive your products. By using different lighting techniques, you can highlight your products and enhance the overall appeal of your booth.

Mall Kiosk – 062

Mall Kiosk - 062

Storytelling: Sharing the story of your products or brand can help establish a deeper connection with customers. This can be done through visuals, brochures, videos, or interactive displays in your booth.

Mall Kiosk – 061

Mall Kiosk - 061

Excellent Customer Service: Customer service at your booth significantly influences the customer experience. It is important for your staff to be kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. Improving your customer service can increase customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Mall Kiosk – 060

Mall Kiosk - 060

Creating Special Areas for Highlighted Products: Create dedicated areas for new products, best-sellers, or special offers. By highlighting these products, you can grab customers’ attention and increase sales.

Mall Kiosk – 059

Mall Kiosk - 059

Product Variety: Offering a wide range of products in your booth can help attract a broader customer base. However, it is important to display the offered products in a neat and organized manner.

Mall Kiosk – 058

Mall Kiosk - 058

Creating Multi-Sensory Experiences: Create multi-sensory experiences in your booth to offer customers an attractive and memorable experience. This can involve engaging their senses of touch, sight, hearing, and perhaps even smell.

Mall Kiosk – 057

Mall Kiosk - 057

Using a Good Sound System: A sound system can be a tool to attract customers and provide them with information. Consider using a sound system for playing music, product descriptions, or announcements related to special offers.

Mall Kiosk – 056

Mall Kiosk - 056

Creating Information Areas: Your booth should have an area dedicated to providing information to customers. This can include product details, promotions, and other important information. This information can be provided through brochures, posters, or digital screens.

Mall Kiosk – 055

Mall Kiosk - 055

Customer Experience-Oriented Design: The design of your booth should focus on the customer experience. This means creating a user-friendly design where customers can interact with your booth and experience your products. For example, incorporating trial points, interactive screens, and comfortable seating areas can enhance the customer experience.

Mall Kiosk – 054

Mall Kiosk - 054

Using High-Quality Visual Materials: Using high-quality visual materials in your booth helps your brand look professional. For example, you can use high-resolution photographs, vibrant and attractive colors, and professional design elements. This enhances the overall appearance of your booth and increases its impact on customers.

Mall Kiosk – 053

Mall Kiosk - 053

A Good Lighting System: Having a good lighting system at your stand highlights your products and attracts customers’ attention. Proper lighting can create the atmosphere of your stand and highlight the colors and details of your products.

Mall Kiosk – 052

Mall Kiosk - 052

Offering Advanced Payment Solutions: Offering customers quick and easy payment solutions can increase sales. For example, you can offer various payment options such as credit card or mobile payment. Also, you could consider advanced technology payment solutions like a QR code or digital wallet.

Mall Kiosk – 051

Mall Kiosk - 051

Product Placement Strategies: Product placement strategies greatly affect customers’ purchasing decisions. For example, you can place your most popular or new products at the most visible part of the stand. Also, you can create a striking product showcase at the entrance or exit of the stand.

Mall Kiosk – 050

Mall Kiosk - 050

Use of Plexi and Aluminum Composite: Materials such as plexi and aluminum composite can give your stand a modern look. These materials are lightweight, durable, and flexible and can be used to create various shapes and sizes. Also, you can create various colors and patterns with these materials.

Mall Kiosk – 049

Mall Kiosk - 049

Use of Visual Wrapping and Foil Cutting Techniques: Visual wrapping and foil cutting techniques can give your stand a unique look. These techniques can be applied to various surfaces of your stand and create striking graphics, texts, or patterns. Also, these techniques add a protective layer to your stand and keep the surfaces looking clean and fresh.

Mall Kiosk – 048

Mall Kiosk - 048

Visual Sequencing of Products: The visual sequencing of products greatly affects customers’ shopping experience. You can sequence products based on attributes such as variety, color, size, or price. This makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for and increases sales.

Mall Kiosk – 047

Mall Kiosk - 047

Electricity System Planning: The electricity system of your stand supports many features such as lighting, digital screens, and electronic payment systems. Therefore, make a detailed plan about the electrical system and determine the amount of energy you will need, how the wiring will be, and where the power sources will be located.

Mall Kiosk – 046

Mall Kiosk - 046

Create Distinction in Stand Design: Try creative and innovative approaches to make your stand design different from others. For instance, you could use a striking color palette, interactive displays, or a unique layout. This will make your stand stand out in a shopping mall and attract potential customers’ attention.

Mall Kiosk – 045

Mall Kiosk - 045

Use Customer Behavior Data: Use customer behavior data to optimize the design and operation of your stand. For example, you can identify which products sell the most, when traffic is the busiest, and which promotions are most effective. This information will help you understand customer habits and arrange your stand accordingly.

Mall Kiosk – 044

Mall Kiosk - 044

Well-Trained Stand Personnel: Train your stand personnel well. They will be the first people customers interact with, and therefore need to be adequately knowledgeable about product information, customer service, and sales techniques.

Mall Kiosk – 043

Mall Kiosk - 043

Create Interactive Demo Areas: Create interactive demo areas that allow customers to experience and use your products. This could be particularly effective for products like tech gadgets, cosmetics, or household appliances.

Mall Kiosk – 042

Mall Kiosk - 042

Effective Pricing Strategies: Review your pricing strategies and integrate them into the customer experience at your stand. For instance, you can encourage customers to buy more by grouping products or offering cross-selling deals.

Mall Kiosk – 041

Mall Kiosk - 041

Constantly Update Your Stand: Keeping your stand updated helps to maintain customer interest. Regularly make changes to your stand for new products, offers, or events.

Mall Kiosk – 040

Mall Kiosk - 040

Experiment with Different Materials and Techniques: Experiment with various materials and techniques when setting up your stand. This could enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your stand. For instance, consider using a combination of wood, metal, glass, plastic, and other materials.

Mall Kiosk – 039

Mall Kiosk - 039

Stand Location and Surroundings: The location of your booth greatly affects customer traffic and sales. Choose areas where there is a high flow of customers and make sure your booth is in a place where customers can easily see and reach it.

Mall Kiosk – 038

Mall Kiosk - 038

Designing Stand Specifically for the Target Audience: The design of your stand should be tailored to attract your target audience. The colors, layout, materials, and lighting of the stand should reflect your brand’s identity and appeal to your target audience’s interests.

Mall Kiosk – 037

Mall Kiosk - 037

Utilizing Various Promotion Techniques: Consider using various promotion techniques for your products in the stand. These can include discounts, special offers, gift vouchers, or loyalty programs. These techniques encourage customers to make purchases and attract more traffic to your stand.

Mall Kiosk – 036

Mall Kiosk - 036

Strategic Product Grouping: Grouping products together can facilitate customers’ shopping experiences. Keeping products that are likely to be purchased together in close proximity can increase cross-selling.

Mall Kiosk – 035

Mall Kiosk - 035

Kiosk Technology for Enhanced Customer Experiences: Adding kiosk technology to your stand provides customers with a self-service shopping experience. Customers can quickly access product information, compare products, and even make instant purchases.

Mall Kiosk – 034

Mall Kiosk - 034

Use of Digital Technologies: Digital technologies can make your stand more interactive and attract customers’ interest. Screens, touch screens, and AR/VR technologies can help customers experience and learn more about your products.

Mall Kiosk – 033

Mall Kiosk - 033

Accessing Relevant Demographic Information in Shopping Mall Stands: Gather information about your target audience and their shopping habits. This information can impact the design and operation of your stand. For example, if you are selling products for children, position your stand at their eye level.

Mall Kiosk – 032

Mall Kiosk - 032

Working on Stand Lighting: Lighting determines the overall ambiance and atmosphere of your stand. Lighting options include general lighting (uniformly illuminating the entire stand), accent lighting (highlighting specific products or areas), and ambient lighting (creating a certain mood or ambiance).

Mall Kiosk – 031

Mall Kiosk - 031

Planned Strategies for Product Placement: Analyzing customer behavior and planning the product placement in your stand can increase sales. Determine which areas customers visit the most, which products attract the most attention, and which product combinations perform the best.

Mall Kiosk – 030

Mall Kiosk - 030

Environmentally Friendly Materials in Stand Manufacturing: Using environmentally friendly materials can make your stand manufacturing more sustainable. Materials such as wood, bamboo, recycled metal, and plastic not only help protect the environment but also contribute to your brand’s eco-friendly image.

Mall Kiosk – 029

Mall Kiosk - 029

Display Stand Design and Electrical Systems: Proper integration of electrical systems is crucial in the design of display stands. Stands often accommodate numerous electronic equipment and lighting elements, thus requiring a reliable electrical distribution system. The design of the stand should consider these requirements and provide the necessary electrical connection points. This enhances both safety and functionality. Additionally, energy-efficient systems can reduce energy consumption, lowering operational costs and providing an environmentally friendly solution.

Mall Kiosk – 028

Mall Kiosk - 028

Tabletop Stands and Visual Merchandising: Tabletop stands are often used to highlight a brand’s products. Visual merchandising techniques are used to emphasize the notable features of the product. Visual merchandising utilizes striking visuals and explanatory texts to quickly communicate the main benefits or features of a product. This technique enhances the appeal of products and captures the customer’s attention. In tabletop stand design, visual merchandising enables the impressive presentation of a product.

Mall Kiosk – 027

Mall Kiosk - 027

Production Process in Tasting Stand Design: Careful planning of the production process is essential in tasting stand design. The design, material selection, production process, and assembly of the stand all affect its final quality and functionality. Important considerations during the production process include the quality of materials, durability of the stand, ease of use, and assembly process. Using high-quality materials ensures the durability and longevity of the stand. The production process also influences the ease of use and assembly process of the stand.

Mall Kiosk – 026

Mall Kiosk - 026

Production Process in Tasting Stand Design: Careful planning of the production process is essential in tasting stand design. The design, material selection, production process, and assembly of the stand all affect its final quality and functionality. Important considerations during the production process include the quality of materials, durability of the stand, ease of use, and assembly process. Using high-quality materials ensures the durability and longevity of the stand. The production process also influences the ease of use and assembly process of the stand.

Mall Kiosk – 025

Mall Kiosk - 025

Shopping Mall Stands and Ideal Location Determination: The success of a shopping mall stand largely depends on its location. The position where the stand is placed affects factors such as customer traffic, visibility, and accessibility. Placing the stand in an area with high foot traffic can attract more customers and increase sales. On the other hand, placing the stand in an overly crowded area can sometimes be inconvenient for customers and reduce its visibility due to limited space. Therefore, when determining the location of the stand, customer traffic and the overall purpose of the stand should be taken into consideration.

Mall Kiosk – 024

Mall Kiosk - 024

Lacquering and Stand Aesthetics: Lacquering is a commonly used technique in stand and kiosk designs. Lacquering provides a smooth and glossy surface, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the stand. Lacquering can also improve the durability of the stand by creating a hard surface that protects it from scratches and wear.

Mall Kiosk – 023

Mall Kiosk - 023

Stand Lighting and Customer Experience: Lighting plays a significant role in highlighting products and enhancing the customer experience in stands. Well-designed lighting systems can increase the attractiveness of the stand, highlight products, and capture the customer’s interest. Lighting can be both direct (e.g., focused on a specific product) and indirect (e.g., general or ambient lighting).

Mall Kiosk – 022

Mall Kiosk - 022

Crating and Portability of Stands: Portability and crating are of great importance in stand design. A portable stand can be easily set up and transported to various events and fairs. Additionally, crating the stand facilitates transportation and protects the stand’s components.

Mall Kiosk – 021

Mall Kiosk - 021

Use of Plexiglass and Aluminum Composite in Stand Design: Plexiglass and aluminum composite materials are frequently used in modern stand and kiosk designs. The lightweight, durability, and aesthetic appearance of these materials make them an ideal choice in stand and kiosk design. Plexiglass, in particular, can be easily processed in various shapes and sizes, while aluminum composite material offers durability against weather conditions.

Mall Kiosk – 020

Mall Kiosk - 020

MDF Selection and Quality in Stand Design: MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) is a commonly used material in various stand and kiosk designs. The durability, workability, and cost-effectiveness of MDF make it an ideal material for a wide range of applications. However, it is important to pay attention to quality when selecting MDF. High-quality MDF ensures the longevity of the product and also affects the appearance and functionality of the final product.

Mall Kiosk – 019

Mall Kiosk - 019

Eco-Friendly Stand Designs: Environmental-friendly practices have gained importance in various aspects of the business world today, and stand design is no exception. Using eco-friendly materials, employing energy-efficient lighting systems, and implementing waste reduction strategies can reduce the environmental footprint of stands and strengthen the brand’s eco-friendly image.

Mall Kiosk – 018

Mall Kiosk - 018

Compliance with Social Distancing Rules in Stands: With the new normal brought about by the pandemic, stand designs have had to comply with social distancing rules. This has affected both the layout of the stand and the management of customer flow. Stands should be designed and arranged in a way that allows customers to maintain a safe social distance.

Mall Kiosk – 017

Mall Kiosk - 017

Customer Flow Management and Stand Design: Managing customer flow in stand design has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the stand and customer experience. The layout of the stand affects the amount of time customers spend in the stand, what products or information they pay attention to, and ultimately the actions they take. Effectively managing customer flow in stand design can enhance the customer experience and increase sales.

Mall Kiosk – 016

Mall Kiosk - 016

Digital Displays and Kiosk Design: The integration of digital displays into kiosk designs plays a key role in enhancing user experience and interaction. Interactive touch screens enable users to easily interact with the kiosk and quickly access the desired information. Additionally, digital displays can enhance the visual appeal of the kiosk and reinforce the brand’s modern and innovative image.

Mall Kiosk – 015

Mall Kiosk - 015

Foil Cutting and Bonding Processes: Foil cutting and bonding processes are commonly used in stand designs to apply logos, graphics, or informative texts. Foil is preferred due to its durability and a wide range of color options. Cutting and bonding processes should be done professionally and carefully to avoid negatively affecting the overall appearance of the stand.

Mall Kiosk – 014

Mall Kiosk - 014

Product Placement and Stand Design: How products are placed on the stand has a significant impact on customer experience and sales. Proper product placement can enhance the attractiveness of the stand and attract customers’ interest in the products.

Mall Kiosk – 013

Mall Kiosk - 013

Interactive Features in Desktop Stand Design: Desktop stands are often used to display brochures, business cards, or other informative materials. Adding interactive features can enhance the effectiveness of these stands. For example, QR codes allow customers to obtain more information using their smartphones.

Mall Kiosk – 012

Mall Kiosk - 012

Security and Stand Design: Stands and kiosks often contain valuable products, hardware, and information. Therefore, security is an important element in stand design. Designing the stand securely and taking security measures protects both the products and the hardware.

Mall Kiosk – 011

Mall Kiosk - 011

Vinyl Wrapping and Stand Aesthetics: Vinyl wrapping is a technique used to enhance the aesthetics of stand and kiosk designs. It allows large graphics to be applied to surfaces, increasing the visual appeal of the stand. This technique can be an effective tool to convey the brand’s message and attract customers’ attention.

Mall Kiosk – 010

Mall Kiosk - 010

Durability and Stand Design: Stands and kiosks are often subjected to heavy use and sometimes have to withstand challenging weather conditions. Therefore, durability is a key factor in stand design. Using durable materials and construction ensures that the stand is long-lasting and maintains its performance.

Mall Kiosk – 009

Mall Kiosk - 009

User Interface and Kiosk Interaction: In kiosk design, the functionality and user-friendliness of the user interface have a significant impact on the user experience and the overall success of the kiosk. A clear, simple, and intuitive user interface facilitates interaction with the kiosk and enhances user satisfaction.

Mall Kiosk – 008

Mall Kiosk - 008

Artificial Intelligence and Kiosk Design: Artificial intelligence (AI) could be the next big thing in kiosk design. AI can help kiosks better understand customer behaviors, provide personalized recommendations, and even solve customer problems.

Mall Kiosk – 007

Mall Kiosk - 007

Interactive Games and Stand Design: Interactive games are an eye-catching feature in stand design. They can increase interaction with the stand, raise brand awareness, and attract more foot traffic.

Mall Kiosk – 006

Mall Kiosk - 006

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Kiosk: Integrating CRM software with kiosks can enhance the customer experience and increase sales. CRM can collect and analyze customer data, allowing businesses to gain a better understanding of customer behavior and customize their services accordingly.

Mall Kiosk – 005

Mall Kiosk - 005

Outdoor Kiosks and Weather Resistance: Outdoor kiosks need to be weather-resistant. This affects both the materials and design of the kiosks. For example, kiosks should be water and UV-resistant, as well as resistant to temperature changes.

Mall Kiosk – 004

Mall Kiosk - 004

Payment Options at Kiosks: The variety of payment options in kiosk design can enhance the customer experience and increase sales. Accepting various payment options such as credit cards, mobile payments, and even cryptocurrency at kiosks provides customers with more flexibility.

Mall Kiosk – 003

Mall Kiosk - 003

Virtual Reality and Stand Design: Virtual reality (VR) is a new trend in stand design that has the potential to provide customers with an interactive and captivating experience. VR can be used to provide customers with a deeper understanding of products or services.

Mall Kiosk – 002

Mall Kiosk - 002

Sampling Stands and Customer Experience: Sampling stands provide customers with the opportunity to try products and are commonly used in the food and beverage industry. This allows customers to have firsthand knowledge of the products and often increases sales.

Mall Kiosk – 001

Mall Kiosk - 001

Personalized Kiosk Experience: Kiosks have the potential to provide users with a personalized experience. By analyzing users’ preferences and past shopping experiences, kiosks can offer more relevant and customized services.

Display Units – 024

Display Units - 024

Lighting Technology and Energy Efficiency: Lighting technology is an important element in stand design, and energy efficiency is also a significant factor. LED lights can be much more energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting solutions, offering both environmental and economic advantages.

Display Units – 023

Display Units - 023

Lacquer Painting and Stand Aesthetics: Lacquer painting gives stands an attractive and professional appearance. This painting technique makes the surfaces smooth and glossy, enhancing visual appeal.

Display Units – 022

Display Units - 022

Integration of Kiosks and Mobile Applications: Integrating kiosks with mobile applications can provide customers with a more comprehensive experience. Customers can use the information obtained from the kiosk on the mobile application or perform transactions on the kiosk through the mobile application.

Display Units – 021

Display Units - 021

Digital Signage and Shopping Mall Stands: Digital signage is used to enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness of shopping mall stands. Striking visuals and animations can attract customers’ attention and encourage them to visit the stand.

Display Units – 020

Display Units - 020

Customer Feedback and Kiosk Design: Customer feedback can lead to significant improvements in kiosk design and functionality. Customers’ experiences and suggestions can help businesses identify areas for improvement in kiosk design.

Display Units – 019

Display Units - 019

Plexiglass and Stand Security: Plexiglass is commonly used for security in stands. Due to its strength and transparency, it is an ideal material for protecting valuable products in stands.

Display Units – 018

Display Units - 018

Customizable Stands and Modular Design: Customizable stands can easily adapt to different events and target audiences. Modular design allows stands to be set up in different shapes and sizes, providing flexibility and compatibility.

Display Units – 017

Display Units - 017

Ergonomics and Kiosk Design: Ergonomics determine the user experience and usability of the kiosk design. The kiosk should be at a height that users can easily reach, and the screen should be clear and easily readable.

Display Units – 016

Display Units - 016

Height Adjustments and Desktop Stands: Desktop stands generally need to have height adjustments. This allows the stand to accommodate different users and appeal to a wider audience.

Display Units – 015

Display Units - 015

Color Psychology in Stand Design: Colors used in stand design can have a significant impact on customers. For example, red creates energy and excitement, while blue gives a sense of trust and peace. Therefore, color choices can affect the brand image and customer reactions.

Display Units – 014

Display Units - 014

Aluminum Composite and Stand Durability: Aluminum composite provides durability and lightness, especially for outdoor stands. This material is known for its ability to withstand various weather conditions and ease of transportation.

Display Units – 013

Display Units - 013

Shopping Mall Stands and Social Media Integration: Modern shopping mall stands often offer social media integration. This includes QR codes, hashtag campaigns, and other social media features.

Display Units – 012

Display Units - 012

Efforts for Advertising: Effective use of brand logos, slogans, or visuals on the stand or kiosk is important. Utilizing other advertising spaces near the stand or kiosk can increase brand awareness. High-quality advertising materials and strong visual communication help reach the target audience effectively.

Display Units – 011

Display Units - 011

Visual Placement: The visual design of the stand or kiosk should attract customers’ attention and reflect the brand image. Proper display of products or services and achieving a neat and aesthetic appearance are important. Factors such as lighting, color usage, and visual hierarchy should be taken into account.

Display Units – 010

Display Units - 010

Electrical Installation Considerations: Electrical installation is important for safety and should comply with national electrical standards. Proper installation of electrical wiring, correct cable laying, and insulation are necessary. Taking fire safety measures during electrical installation is also important.

Display Units – 009

Display Units - 009

Material Selection: Durability, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic factors should be considered when selecting materials. Materials such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic are commonly used. It is also important for the materials to be resistant to weather conditions, depending on whether they will be used indoors or outdoors.

Display Units – 008

Display Units - 008

Quality Elements: Materials need to be of high quality, durable, and long-lasting. Careful work during the manufacturing process and correct and proper assembly are necessary. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail ensure a professional appearance for the stand or kiosk. Meeting customer demands and expectations is also considered an important quality element.

Display Units – 007

Display Units - 007

Shopping Mall Stands and Customer Relationships: Shopping mall stands enable brands to establish strong relationships with customers. In this article, you will find information on how shopping mall stands contribute to customer relationships and increase brand loyalty.

Display Units – 006

Display Units - 006

Creating Impressive Experiences with Sampling Stands: Sampling stands are an effective way to offer customers an unforgettable tasting experience. In this article, you will gain insights into the design of sampling stands and how they enhance customer interaction.

Display Units – 005

Display Units - 005

Functionality of Desktop Stands: Desktop stands stand out with their functionality and practicality as a display tool. In this article, you will learn how desktop stands are used in different sectors and the advantages they provide to businesses.

Display Units – 004

Display Units - 004

Digital Transformation with Kiosk Stands: Kiosk stands contribute to the digital transformation process of businesses. In this article, you will explore how kiosk stands serve as a transformative tool for businesses and enhance the customer experience.

Display Units – 003

Display Units - 003

Display Stands and Visual Marketing: Display stands are a powerful tool for your brand’s visual marketing strategy. In this article, you will learn how visual marketing is combined with display stands and discover ways to achieve effective results.

Display Units – 002

Display Units - 002

Shopping Mall Stands and Engaging the Target Audience: Shopping mall stands facilitate interaction between brands and their target audience. In this article, you will explore how shopping mall stands increase brand awareness and interact with customers.

Display Units – 001

Display Units - 001

Enhancing the Tasting Experience with Sampling Stands: Sampling stands are an impressive tool that allows customers to try food and beverage products. In this article, you will find information on how sampling stands are used and how they enhance the tasting experience.

Desktop Stands – 010

Desktop Stands - 010

Desktop Stands: Desktop stands, designed for small businesses and exhibitions, offer a compact way to showcase your products. In this article, you will discover the various uses and advantages of desktop stands.

Desktop Stands – 009

Desktop Stands - 009

Next Generation Retailing with Kiosk Stands: Kiosk stands are an impressive tool that brings technological innovations to retail. In this article, you will learn about how kiosk stands are used and their potential for interacting with customers.

Desktop Stands – 008

Desktop Stands - 008

The Conversion Power of Display Stands: Display stands can not only effectively showcase your products but also increase sales. In this article, you will explore the conversion power of display stands and how they are utilized.

Desktop Stands – 007

Desktop Stands - 007

In conclusion, display stands and similar tools used in the retail sector are effective ways to improve customer experience and increase sales. A variety of different types of stands can be used to attract customer attention, provide information about a product, and even increase sales incentives.

Desktop Stands – 006

Desktop Stands - 006

Finally, mall stands are usually found in large retail spaces. They usually display a range of different products and offer customers a wide choice. Mall stands often provide customers with information about a product and sometimes even offer a place where they can directly purchase the products.

Desktop Stands – 005

Desktop Stands - 005

Tasting stands are often used by food and beverage retailers. They offer customers an opportunity to enjoy the taste of products. This allows customers to experience a new product before buying it and usually increases sales.

Desktop Stands – 004

Desktop Stands - 004

Desktop stands are often used in restaurants, cafes, or other service sectors. Menus, promotions, or special offers can be displayed on such stands. Desktop stands not only provide information to customers but also promote the sale of a product or service.

Desktop Stands – 003

Kiosks or sales points generally provide information to help customers find the right product for them. These kiosks are places where customers can get information about the product, compare prices, and sometimes even buy directly there. Kiosks are also often used for customer service, which means that the retailer can provide more assistance to customers.

Desktop Stands – 002

Desktop Stands - 002

Display stands are a versatile tool for a retailer. They are often used to display featured products, special offers, or seasonal items. In some cases, they encourage the purchase of an extra product alongside a product. The main purpose of display stands is to improve customers’ shopping experiences and increase sales.

Desktop Stands – 001

In the retail sector, how products are displayed often plays a critical role in the success of sales. Carefully designed display stands are used to attract the attention of customers, make it easy for them to find products, and provide them with information about the product.