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Project Name: Murano Glass Art
Project Location: Natilius Shopping Mall – Kadikoy / Istanbul
Project – Design Start Date: 04/03/2015
Project – Design End Date: 12/04/2015
Project – Manufacturing Start Date: 15/04/2015
Project – Manufacturing End Date: 25/05/2015
Project Design Duration: 8 days
Project Manufacturing Duration: 40 days
Project Amount: 15,500 Euros – Including installation and transportation.

Main Materials Used: GlossMax Acrylic laminated MDF, Break-resistant reinforced tempered 8mm glass, Plexiglass and UV visual coatings, Single-digit lock system, Remote-controlled and divided lighting system, High-level electrical and furniture craftsmanship.

  • For kiosk, mall stand and store designs made outside Turkey, the installation process will be managed from Standchi center with video and live support. Otherwise, there will be an invoice for the installation team much more than the stand fee. The process has been going on this way for years and there have been no problems. This issue is already taken into consideration when designing and manufacturing stands abroad and special, easy-to-assemble design and manufacturing are made accordingly.
  • All shipping and customs expenses are paid by the customer. It is much better for us if the customer has his own shipping and customs agent. If not, we as Standchi will make all arrangements at the customer’s expense.
  • Very precise packing and crating according to international standards is included in the price.