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We are a full service

We desıgn
we produce

From design to manufacturing, we handle every process with our professional team and machinery in-house. We are truly playing this game…

WE in brief

In short, we are a medium-sized company that tries to play this game according to its rules, focusing solely on kiosk manufacturing.


Long-term design experience

Serving exclusively in shopping mall stands for many years has greatly developed our expertise in this field.

Mastery of a wide range of materials

Shopping mall stands are created by using a variety of materials from the advertising, furniture, and decoration sectors.

Mastery of Design Software

Our proficiency in design and manufacturing software takes us to the next level in the competition.

Extensive Technological Machinery Fleet

Our computer-aided machinery fleet, including CNC routers, laser cutting machines, and vinyl cutting machines, not only reduces our error rate but also increases our efficiency in the field.

Interactive Design and Manufacturing

In a WhatsApp group created before project preparation, you will be informed about real-time developments at every stage from design to manufacturing. You will clearly see the progress of the process with photos and videos.

Video-supported Installation

The initial installation of the stand is done in our workshop, and a detailed video is recorded. This video will serve as an assembly guide for you, allowing you to save a significant amount of money that you would otherwise spend on assembly.

We can bring any design in your mind to life. It’s just a matter of time and money.

During the design process, you can push the limits of your imagination and make any design request from us. We won’t say no to you, we’ll just advise you on time and budget constraints.

Completed Domestic Projects

Completed International Projects

Completed Interior Projects

Completed Exterior Projects

Why we are different

  • Because we share all developments with you step by step, from design to the completion of manufacturing and customs procedures. This reduces the probability of making mistakes to “0%.”
  • Because we avoid using low-quality materials. We know that every low-quality material we use may come back to us tenfold, resulting in a loss of profit.
  • Because in the era of lightning-fast communication, an unsatisfied customer can destroy 20 years of our hard work. We believe in the power of social media.

A Collage of Our Works

We have captured and compiled some of the projects we have completed in recent years. These photos may not be taken professionally, but we hope they will give you a glimpse of what we are capable of.

Our Product Range

Our company, specialized particularly in shopping mall stands, has also achieved ambitious designs in complete shop design and manufacturing, as well as in midi  and tabletop stands.

  • Mall Kiosks – 55%
  • Shop Designs – 25%
  • Tabletop and Midi Stands – 20%

Do not start a new venture without consulting us. Let’s combine our experiences with your new business and create a great synergy. Yes, the service we provide may not be cheap, but the money you will earn won’t be little either.